What I have learned…

Don’t give up.

I know that these words have been spoken many, many times before but I’m beginning to learn just how true they are. Firstly, I haven’t updated lately because I was discouraged. I know, it’s lame, and a horrible excuse, especially as this is only my third entry on wordpress.

I logged in to post an entry today-keep in mind that I’m still getting used to word press-and found all these comments on my last two posts! I didn’t know where to find the comments section, and wordpress didn’t alert me, so I had been under the false impression that no one was reading my blog. Thank you all so much for your comments 🙂 They mean a lot! So, this has certainly taught me to not give up-EVER-because things aren’t always what they seem and…if they are? Keep your chin up, because they’ll get better.

Another thing: I don’t know how many people have come across this, but I’ve bookmarked it and would like to share it with all of you who are running an etsy shop, or business. Savor -an etsy shop that certainly ranks my top ten-specializes in bath and body care, as well. (Her soaps are gorgeous-deffo check them out!) She has not been on etsy for too long, but has managed to become a very successful etsy seller. She was kind enough to share some business tips and advice in this etsy thread not long ago. Please read it if you have the chance! It is very inspiring. Thanks Savor 🙂

023.jpg 046.jpg

As you can see, I finally got the chance to get my new line-Chocolate Junkie-up and ready. I’ve actually already listed a couple items on my shop: Chocolate Mandarin Body Butter and Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Body Butter. A word or two about these body butters? They are very thick and very, very rich. I made them just this morning, with extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter. These are not just a thick body lotion. They are a halfway a between body lotion and a body balm. What makes them really great is that they are thick and moisturizing and feel like a body balm-but they are whipped, so they are very light. They also do not leave a greasy feeling like a balm would. And the fragrances? They smell just as good as the pictures look 😛 I’ll be working on getting the Chocolate Junkie Body Polish out in the next couple of days (made with brown sugar! Yummmmm!)

I’ll be updating more regularly from now on, I promise-x.

Daily DIY Recipe: Basic Lip Balm

1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil

1 Tablespoon Beeswax

1/2 Teaspoon Vitamin E. Oil

3-5 drops essential oil or flavour oil

Heat the beeswax and oils in a sauce pan on low until melted. Take off of the stove and add the essential oil or flavour oil and pour into a suitable sized container with a lid. The mixture should cool after about 15 minutes and be ready for use.

Tip? Experiment with different oils. Almond oil is great for dry, chapped lips-especially in winter-but so is olive oil, coconut oil or even shea butter. If you choose to add a solid oil to your balm (e.g coconut oil or shea butter) use just a half of a tablespoon of the solid oil and a half a tablespoon of liquid oil, instead of 1 full tablespoon of just liquid or solid oil.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours, as well! Instead of just peppermint, try adding a little vanilla flavour oil to the mix! Enjoy


2 Responses

  1. I just LOVE your recipes of the day…it’s a blast to see what you’re going to be showing me next 😉

    I know for me, it’s really easy to get discouraged…like I’m this very little crafter in this HUGE sea that is the internet. I try to think, though, that it’s about doing what I love and enjoying it…whether people notice me or not. It works most of the time…but just wanted to let you know that your post is really inspiring…and it made me smile!

  2. Know the feeling.Great blog.

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