Being Critiqued

So about a week or so ago, I posted in the Etsy Critique forums, asking specifically for a harsh critique. They WERE harsh. It made me really discouraged at first. I almost wanted to give up, because I realized that there were so many things that I needed to change even though I was also feeling that I’d already put so much work into it. But, then I thought about it, and the criticisms weren’t meant to be harsh. They were honest. So, I got to work. The first thing to go was my banner, as you can blatantly see if you browse my shop. Next were my pictures which I retook just today and later today I will be updating my etsy shop announcement and my blog banner. Anyway, my apologies for the short post, but I just wanted to quickly update, as I haven’t in a while. I’ve got loads more to do.


PS. My banana soap will be done curing next week!


5 Responses

  1. critique is tough..but you definitely sound like you are using it to your advantage..! I love your esty shop..tempting pics..think I want to take a bath now! great blog also!

  2. Give for you for being brave enough to ask for a tough critique and then using it to make your shop better. I’m afraid to ask at all! 🙂 I didn’t see your shop before, but I think it looks great now. 🙂

  3. You’re brave! I’m too scared to ask for a critique…..

    Your shop looks great……..banner, avatar, pics, etc, etc……

  4. I do wonder what people will say about my shop, but at the moment I’m really happy with it which is why I haven’t asked for a critique. I’ve asked for critiques on specific listings, but not the whole shebang.. yet!

  5. I’m glad you could take it. I’d be useless

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