I actually got a ton of work done today 🙂 Yayyy!! Considering I was at my *real* job for eight hours, I still managed to hit the etsy forums, renew/relist items, make a batch of soap (more about this in a moment), make chocolate and vanilla snoggables, and, obviously, post on my blog!

First, about the snoggables. I got these hot new containers for them. They are the little metal slide-open containers? They hold .25 ounces of balm instead of .15 like the tubes. I just made two fresh batches of vanilla and chocolate with these new containers! I’m thrilled with them-making the labels (also hopefully tonight!) is going to be great fun. What I really like about these containers? My puppy won’t be able to get into them! I’ve gone through over ten lip balms in the past month. The plastic tubes? My puppy loves them. He chews the tops off-when I’m not looking!-eats the lip balm out as far as his tongue will reach and then leaves it somewhere for me to find! I go through lip balms (or should I say Grendel goes through lip balms?) like it’s my job. But these metal tins? He won’t get his chops through these suckers! I might even take one of the empty tins, trap a little dog treat in it and let him just try and gnaw his way through it. That’ll show him to eat my lip balms! Haha!

I hope you all like coconut. And chocolate. Coconut and Chocolate, anyone? I’m baffled by anyone who honestly does not love this combination. I know that my boyfriend doesn’t like it, but I’d honestly like to believe that 1) He’s mad 2) He was just having a laugh or 3) He’s the one and only exception. Coconut and chocolate is about as close to heaven as you can get, in my opinion! So, about this soap…

I tried this new thing today with my soap, which is why I am going to call it a “happy mistake”. I let the oils and the lye water sit at room temperature before mixing them and what usually takes about 1.5+ hours to trace (thicken to the stage of just before putting it into the mold) it took ten minutes. I was in near shock. I wasn’t prepared! My fragrance oils hadn’t even been decided upon-let alone measured out and ready to pour-and here was my soap mixture, saponifying right in my mixing bowl! It was a nightmare. I rushed around like crazy, grabbing the first fragrance in sight, which turned out to be coconut. Then, after adding it, I felt it was too plain. So, I took half out of the bowl, mixed in some chocolate fragrance and cocoa powder and swirled my little heart out. It was a mistake…but hopefully a happy one? I guess I’ll have to wait several weeks to find out the results!

I also made a batch of grapefruit yesterday, which came out lovely 🙂 It’s even better than the last one!

Hopefully my new snoggables will be posted by tomorrow, but if not, then the day after! I’m thinking about getting some micas to add a little bit of a tint to them.

DIY Recipe of the Day: Simple- but Luscious!- Bath Soak

1/2 cup dried milk powder

1/2 cup Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil or olive oil (again-beware the smell of olive oil!)

1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin

5 drops of your favourite essential oil

Lavender relaxes

Citrus rejuvenates

Bergamot is uplifting

Combine ingredients together in a small bowl. Mix until oil is well distributed-should form a pasty mixture. Add about two tablespoons to your bath for a luscious soak!


10 Responses

  1. Lovely blog, put it in my bloglinks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooooh, those flavors sound yummy! And I love the idea of lip balm in a tin, as opposed to a tube. Nice work!

  3. Wow! You have been busy!

  4. What an interesting presentation.The lip balm sounds good as the puppy shows…neat containers too.

  5. Love the idea of tins instead of tubes. Very nice! junqueTrunque’s my game Marian’s my name!

  6. I’ve used those tins before! Very cool.

  7. Love the recipes – because you know…the bath is a sacred thing (at least to me!). Every night, baby! Will have to check your shop out!

  8. Wow! You are one busy lady. How do you find the time? Like your blog design BTW!!

  9. I love these little tins! My sister and I used to purchase lip balm in these tins from the drug store when we were little!

  10. I made a dark chocolate coconut soap about 2 months ago and is to die for. I LOVE choclate and coconut together! Nice blog…I like that you post recipe ideas.

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